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History is a compulsory (one you have to take) subject in school. May kids think that it is boring. If you think this, you are wrong. History is an adventure. It's like stepping into a time machine and traveling back in time. You can visit any era (time period) you wish. This can be done in many different ways. You can go to the local library and spend the afternoon browsing through books. You can watch television programs on the History Channel. The most modern way to learn about history, is to go online, go to a good search engine and enter the names of places or people you are interested in learning about.

History is fun. It is exciting to learn about people and places of the past. Online there are many different web sites that teach children's history. You can even get help online with your homework. Sounds great, doesn't it? Unless it is a project for school, you can choose what to learn.

In this book you will meet the author, Meg Greene Malvasi. From March 1999, until September 2003, Meg was the Contributing Editor of History for Children at Suite101.com. Meg had to retire at that time and the topic was archived (kept at Suite101.com). I'm glad it was. In March 2004, I adopted the topic. I love children and love writing for them. I also love history - great interests that fit right into Meg's topic.

I had read many of Meg's articles before adopting her topic. They were great. After taking over the topic, I found some great articles on historical art and literature. That's when I decided to compile some of Meg's articles into this book. Meg wrote the articles. I just put them into book form so kids could buy them online.

Meg's articles will give you a glimpse into the life of William Shakespeare, the Renaissance Period, as well as the life of Mary Shelley, the woman who wrote Frankenstein. You can print out this book with your parent's permission, grab an apple, sit back and enjoy a great trip hosted by Meg. Enjoy!

Table of Contents

  • An Afternoon at the Library
  • Young Will
  • Shakespeare's World
  • Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
  • Did He Or Didn't He? That is the Question!
  • The Age of Enlightenment
  • The Woman Who Wrote Frankenstein
  • Bram Stoker: The Man Behind Dracula
  • A Renaissance Childhood
  • Inside A Renaissance Studio
  • When I Can
  • Two Families of the Renaissance

You may download the file at any time but you will need the password to open it.

Suite101 e-Book
Historical Art and Literature for kids