Suite101 e-Book
American Dinnerware: A Collector's Guide

Suite101 e-Book American Dinnerware: A Collector's Guide

American dinnerware collectors, especially beginners, will find useful, practical information in American Dinnerware: A Collector’s Guide. Compiled from Suite101.com’s American Dinnerware topic, this book helps collectors pursue their American dinnerware dreams.

Read about what makes dinnerware a popular collectible. Find tips on identifying dinnerware and determining what it's worth. Discover what to avoid and what to do when shopping for old dinnerware. Learn about lead in dinnerware, and read suggestions for reducing the risk.

The book also recommends books about American Dinnerware and presents other helpful information about collecting and displaying dishes. The bonus section, A Paper Chase, discusses a related collectible, ephemera related to dinnerware, such as magazine advertisements, price lists, and brochures, with tips on collecting and preserving these items. Color photographs illustrate the book.

Linda Nelson has written about American Dinnerware for Suite101 since September 2000. With a journalism degree background, she writes about American dinnerware as an enthusiast who learned about pottery and glassware from reading, research on the Internet, and examining pieces in antique shops. She and her husband live in Dallas, Texas, with their spoiled-rotten rat terrier.

Table of Contents

  • Guess Who’s Coming to Dinnerware
  • The Clues in the China Cabinet
  • Buying Tips
  • Searching for the Best
  • A Question of Value
  • OK, So What’s It Worth?
  • Delve into Dinnerware Books
  • Lead: An Element of Risk
  • Reducing the Risk of Lead in Dinnerware
  • Bits and Pieces
  • Bonus Section: A Paper Chase

Book Review
American Dinnerware - A Collector's Guide, by Linda Nelson, is a must-have reference for any novice-to-intermediate collector of American pottery and glass dinnerware of the 20th century.

Whether your interest is Depression Glass, Fiesta, Rivera, Harlequin, Hall, Carnival, Bauer, Fire-King, American Limoges, Russell Wright, 1940s Jadite or McCoy - among others - there is something for everyone to learn about while adding to and enjoying their collections.

This personable e-Book starts with a guide to ID marks and backstamps of certain key dinnerware lines, but really kicks in with Nelson's advice for buyers at flea markets, thrift stores and antique malls... More...

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Suite101 e-Book
American Dinnerware: A Collector's Guide