Suite101 e-Book
The Age of Anne Boleyn

Suite101 e-Book The Age of Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn. Witch? Whore? Or simply a woman whose fate was determined by the love or hate of a King? Dead for over 400 years, Anne Boleyn is woman that arouses great passions even today. People either love or hate her. But so much of Anne Boleyn is shrouded in mystery, with many questions remaining unanswered and open for exploration. For this reason, this collection of essays exploring Anne Boleyn’s world, times and character aims to provide university students and amateur historians with deeper understanding of Anne Boleyn by placing her in the context of her times and examining her true character.

Wendy J Dunn:
Passionate about the Tudor period since childhood, Wendy J. Dunn is the author of Dear Heart, How Like You This? - a novel recounting the tragic story of Anne Boleyn – as well as the on-line editor of Suite101.com’s respected Tudor England site. Born in Melbourne, Australia, she is married and has three sons and one daughter. A university graduate, Wendy worked as a teacher before taking leave to care for her youngest child and concentrate on her writing. Nominated for the 2003 Glyph Award in fiction, Dear Heart, How Like You This? has been described as, 'Seriously one of the best novels ever written about Anne Boleyn's life.'

Oh death rock me asleep,
Bring me on my quiet rest,
Let pass my very guiltless ghost
Out of my careful breast.
Ring out the doleful knell,
Let its sound my death tell;
For I must die,
There is no remedy,
For now I die…
Defiled is my name full sore
Through cruel spite and false report,
That I may say for evermore,
Farewell to joy, adieu comfort.
For wrongfully you judge of me
Unto my fame a mortal wound,
Say what ye list, it may not be,
Ye seek for that shall not be found.

Anne Boleyn

Table of Contents

  • A letter believed written by Anne Boleyn
  • The Age of Anne Boleyn.
  • An Interview with Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Elder
  • The Birth of Elizabeth
  • The Birth of Elizabeth
  • Defending Anne Boleyn
  • The Murder of Anne Boleyn
  • The Many Faces of Anne Boleyn
  • Talking with Anne Boleyn…
  • A brief introduction to the review

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Suite101 e-Book
The Age of Anne Boleyn