Suite101 e-Book
Enchanted Tales of Arkansas

Suite101 e-Book Enchanted Tales of Arkansas

Bertha Mae Sutliff lives on a farm in the northwestern part of Arkansas. Surrounded by the mystery of the mountains, Bertha looks out her kitchen window each morning to view the majestic Magazine Mountain. It is the highest peak in Arkansas, and she loves to live in the shadow it casts over the land. Stories of the past echo from those peaks and valleys and Bertha has captured them with her stories. Published by many online magazines as well as Suite 101.com, she found herself enchanted by her new found writing skills. She has also written travel articles about the many historical sites that she herself has traveled to and seen. However, folklore isnít all that she writes. True stories have also found their way through her fingers on the keyboard. "Guidepost" published two of her stories in their series on animals. "Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul" published a true story and became a best seller on the New York best sellerís list. This gave her the courage to seek a publisher for a fiction novel she had written concerning the Indians that once roamed a part of Arkansas. Published by BeWrite Publishers of England, "Redemption of Quapaw Mountain" was released in November of 2003 and is sold as an e-book, CD or a Print on Demand through any online bookstore. Bertha glows in the reality of not just being a storyteller but an accomplished novelist.

Bertha shares her life with her husband Robert. They have two grown sons, Shane and Jason. Jason and his wife Ginger and their three sons, Johnnie, Marcus and Cody live next door to Bertha and her husband. She and her husband raise a large garden and have their own fruit trees. They also raise beef cattle, have their own pigs and chickens. "I want to live a simple life for as long as the Lord allows me."

Berthaís personal comment: "I have crossed over many bridges in my life. This bridge that runs into my future is the most challenging of all. I thoroughly enjoy my walk across the waters that flow under it. I hope to continue on my journey, bringing to the outside world the stories, legends and articles that concern my beautiful Mountains of Arkansas.

In this anthology, Bertha shares with us many of the tales of Arkansas folklore. From Haunted Arkansas and An Arkansas Ghost Story to the Valley of the Vapors and Arkansas' Enchanted Mountain, Bertha gives us a glimpse into the interesting past of Arkansas folklore.

Table of Contents

  • Life in Arkansas: Past and Present
  • Arkansas' Living Cave of Mystery
  • An Old Man's Tale
  • Arkansas' Enchanted Mountain
  • Valley of the Vapors
  • Mountain Lore
  • Legends of the Mad Stone
  • An Old Snake Tale
  • vAn Arkansas Hunter's Tale
  • An Arkansas Ghost Story
  • Haunted Arkansas
  • Making Lye Soap the Arkansas Way

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Suite101 e-Book
Enchanted Tales of Arkansas