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Genres of Playwriting

Suite101 e-Book Genres of Playwriting

While comedies, dramas, and musicals comprise the majority of what plays in modern theaters, there are many other genres that not only get produced, but get produced in great volume and generate royalty income to the writers. This "Sweet 16" of popular Playwriting articles covers Christmas and Halloween plays, religious plays, dinner theater, one-acts, 10-minute plays, one-person shows, corporate scripting needs, and industrial and documentary screenwriting. So if you're looking to expand beyond traditional theater, or want to try something different, there's very likely an article here to help you along that road.

Table of Contents

  • Original Works vs. Adaptations (02/02/99)
  • Alternative Venues (02/16/99)
  • Liturgical Drama (11/02/99)
  • Christmas Plays (12/28/99)
  • Shorts (07/11/00)
  • Parodies and Satires (01/09/01)
  • Adapting Other Works for the Stage (03/13/01)
  • What's in a One-Act (07/10/01)
  • Beyond Writing Plays (08/14/01)
  • Murder and Meals (10/09/01)
  • Christmas Plays Revisited (12/11/01)
  • One-Person Shows (02/23/02)
  • Writing Documentary Film Scripts (03/31/03)
  • Special Needs Theater (08/02/03)
  • Melodramas or How The Old West Can Be Fun (08/31/03)
  • Halloween Plays (09/30/03)

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Suite101 e-Book
Genres of Playwriting