Suite101 e-Book
Introduction to the Saints

Suite101 e-Book Introduction to the Saints
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The lives of the saints have always fascinated me. I love the thought that mere mortals living mortal lives can become divine beings, dedicated to aiding and supporting those of us who need intervention.

Learning about the lives of the saints is at once a study in theology, philosophy, history, and sociology. Therefore the lives of the saints can appeal to a diverse mass of people, and certainly the saints are not reserved for Catholics, only.

There are as many saints as there are problems in the world, and then some. When you consider the sheer age of the Catholic Church itself, it becomes clear how the Communion of Saints has grown by leaps and bounds over the centuries. To me, this is comforting. I know that no matter what I face in life, there's a saint who can help me. There's an outlet for prayer that's very human, very much like me.

From 2000-2001, Sheila Coyle wrote about Catholic saints in her Suite101 topic "Catholic Religion / Saints". In this anthology I present to you a selection of her articles about saints, to serve as a primer for those interested in beginning their journey learning about some of Catholicism's most fascinating and powerful saints.

Dina Ely

Table of Contents

I. St. Philomena, Wonder-Working Saint!

II. The Cure d'Ars, An Example of Sanctity

III. Catherine Laboure - Her Life Before The Miraculous Medal

IV. St. Therese of Lisieux and the Statue that Smiled!

V. St. Francis...and the Animals!

VI. St. Luke, Born Slave to Man...Died Servant of God

VII. St. Michael The Archangel

VIII. St. Nicholas of Myra

IX. St. Josephine Bakhita, "Fortunate" One of God

X. St. Joseph, Protector of The Holy Family

XI. The Wonder Workings of The Saints

XII. St. Peregrine, Healed By Faith

XIII. St. Anne's Prayer To God

Book Review by Sam Vaknin
The late Pope John Paul II beatified and sanctified more people than all his predecessors in the previous five centuries combined. Saints offer tailor-made succor and intervene in difficult circumstances under their "jurisdiction". But whether one is a believer or not (and I am emphatically not), the lives of saints make good, riveting stories. Hagiography - the tales and histories of saints and sainthood - is one of the oldest literary genres. Coyle's contributions to it are vivacious and compelling. This slender tome contains the narratives of the lives and deeds of 23 saints...more

Suite101 e-Book
Introduction to the Saints