Suite101 e-Book
The Jerusalem Times

Suite101 e-Book The Jerusalem Times

Have you ever wondered what the press in Jesus’ day may have written? So have I. Thus I have put together these “news clippings” as if the events were reported by an unbiased press.

The original entry is from 25 December 1BC from a newspaper I called the Bethlehem Star-Herald. Both monikers are used as mastheads in newspapers and both reflect the awesome sights of that first birth—the star that led the Magi from the east and the herald angels who first sang to those shepherds. These news clippings are straight from Scripture.

Following that are clips from the Jerusalem Times from the first Holy Week and going through Pentecost and Peter’s subsequent healing. I have tried to capture the flavor of the place and times while keeping the setting in a traditional newspaper format.

For 25 drachmas, how can you resist reading the news? Especially when it's Good News?

John L. Hoh, Jr.

Table of Contents

  • 25 December 1BC: Birth in Stable
  • 4 April 33AD: Crowds pack Jerusalem for the upcoming Passover celebration
  • 5 April 33AD: Jesus of Nazareth enters Jerusalem in grand display
  • 6 April 33AD: Reading of “Song of Solomon” at Temple tonight
  • 7 April 33AD: Jesus Curses Jerusalem
  • 8 April 33AD: Jesus Proclaims "World Will End!"
  • 9 April 33AD: Jesus Arrested at Gethsemane
  • 10 April 33AD: Special Sabbath Edition
  • 11 April 33AD: Jesus Crucified
  • 12 April 33AD: Jesus Rises from Dead
  • 19 April 33AD: Thomas Calls Press Conference
  • 21 May 33AD: Jesus Ascends Into Heaven!
  • 31 May 33AD: Fire Reported at Temple
  • 1 June 33AD: Healing Reported at Temple
  • 2 June 33AD: Sanhedrin Calls Special Meeting

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Suite101 e-Book
The Jerusalem Times