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We are going to learn FLASH MX, the software which is the only one of its kind. FLASH MX is an excellent multimedia program for bringing animation into web sites, developed by Macromedia. Its amazing results have caught the attention of today's web developers. Web designing seems incomplete without Flash. It is not only used in web site designing but also used as a programming language, graphic application and a movie editor.

This tutorial has been written to teach FLASH MX with its full ins and outs. If you still find any difficulty in understanding the text, please feel free in contacting me at umais_ahmad@hotmail.com. I shall appreciate to have you comments, suggestions and questions.

Introduction to FLASH MX

If you have explored the web you might have experienced that most of the web pages are static, they have no animation and attraction for the visitors. It is an age of fast growing Multimedia. Every person wants to build his web site more interactive, animated and dynamic by adding background sounds, visual effects and animated scenes etc. All this is possible by Java Applets and animated pictures but Java Applets are difficult to learn and take much more time to load in a browser. Macromedia has solved this problem by introducing a new technology: FLASH MX.

What is FLASH?

Flash is a tool used for building interactive, animated and dynamic web sites, developed by Macromedia. Its amazing results have grabbed the attention of today's programmers. Flash sites are more attracting and dynamic than other web sites. There are certain advantages, which give Flash priority over Java Applets and animated pictures. If you have not ever seen a web site designed in Flash, you might want to explore this secret. I shall not let you wait anymore, please visit http://www.shahkam.com/ to see the wonder of Flash.

You may download the file at any time but you will need the password to open it.

Suite101 e-Book
Learn Flash MX