Suite101 e-Book
Rapid Arithmetic Techniques

Suite101 e-Book Rapid Arithmetic Techniques

We all know that addition and subtraction are very important concepts as they are used over again and again in studies and real-life.

This book offers:

  1. How to teach children to add rapidly and accurately.
  2. How to teach children to subtract rapidly and accurately.
  3. How to teach relationship between addition and subtraction.

Various methods of doing addition and subtraction are presented with simple logic behind them. This aspect makes these methods meaningful, easy to remember and apply. Using these methods will be a fun experience for children and will guarantee a firm base for further progress in arithmetic.

This book will be useful not only for teachers and parents for teaching their children but to all those who wish to improve their speed of doing additions and subtractions.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Teaching Addition
    • Basic Addition Facts
    • Making Addition Easy
    • Mental Addition
    • Methods of Checking Addition
    • Adding Rapidly
    • Adding Horizontally
    • Checking Addition by Estimation
  3. Teaching Subtraction
    • Basic Subtraction Facts
    • Methods of Subtraction
    • Some Aspects of Subtraction
    • Subtracting Mentally
    • Checking Subtraction
    • Checking Subtraction by Estimation
    • Subtraction by Complementary Addition
    • Some Useful Websites
  4. Relating Addition and Subtraction
  5. References

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Suite101 e-Book
Rapid Arithmetic Techniques