The Other Side of the World and Back


Other Side of the World and Back is the shared intimacy between two friends, Aurealis-Award winning children’s author Sally Odgers and six-time Dana Literary award-winning poet Sara Webb Quest. The book uses experimental, sonnet, and other forms to convey stark reality, pure fantasy, comical and love poems. A private peak into the established bond between two women on opposite global ends whose only communication has been through the written word …

Other Side of the World and Back (To Sally)
Sally’s Response


  • American Fantasies
    • To Lauren
    • A Light
    • A Slave in Love is my Man
    • Jewish Boy
  • Modern Times
    • 21st-Century American
    • Beardom
    • A Loss of Work Place
    • Frozen Girl
  • American Cycles
    • Mama who did set me Free
    • Mother Charm
    • The Over-the-Hill Member in Good Standing Humping Permit
    • To God (on my Gravestone)
  • American Humour
    • Her only Fear was Fuzzies
    • Human Farts
    • Tribute to Shel’s ‘Runny Babbit’ Book
    • Bright-Turquoise Poop


  • Australian Fantasies
    • Julia
    • Lucy's Way
    • Tansy
    • Heartbeat of Eden
    • Cherries and Gall
  • Time Machines
    • In My Silence
    • Misty Years
    • Imperfect Hour
    • Patricia's Hand
  • Ephemera: A Poetry Cycle
    • Prologue: Nathaniel
    • 1. Dawnchild
    • 2. Maid of the Morning
    • 3. Lady Meridian
    • 4. Afternoon Serenity
    • 5. Night's Gift
    • Epilogue: Nathaniel
  • Australian Scenes
    • Shale
    • On Being a Tasmanian Australian

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The Other Side of the World and Back