The Other Side of the World and Back

The Other Side of the World and Back

Other Side of the World and Back is the shared intimacy between two friends, Aurealis-Award winning children’s author Sally Odgers and six-time Dana Literary award-winning poet Sara Webb Quest. The book uses experimental, sonnet, and other forms to convey stark reality, pure fantasy, comical and love poems. A private peak into the established bond between two women on opposite global ends whose only communication has been through the written word …

Other Side of the World and Back (To Sally)
Sally’s Response


  • American Fantasies
    • To Lauren
    • A Light
    • A Slave in Love is my Man
    • Jewish Boy
  • Modern Times
    • 21st-Century American
    • Beardom
    • A Loss of Work Place
    • Frozen Girl
  • American Cycles
    • Mama who did set me Free
    • Mother Charm
    • The Over-the-Hill Member in Good Standing Humping Permit
    • To God (on my Gravestone)
  • American Humour
    • Her only Fear was Fuzzies
    • Human Farts
    • Tribute to Shel’s ‘Runny Babbit’ Book
    • Bright-Turquoise Poop


  • Australian Fantasies
    • Julia
    • Lucy's Way
    • Tansy
    • Heartbeat of Eden
    • Cherries and Gall
  • Time Machines
    • In My Silence
    • Misty Years
    • Imperfect Hour
    • Patricia's Hand
  • Ephemera: A Poetry Cycle
    • Prologue: Nathaniel
    • 1. Dawnchild
    • 2. Maid of the Morning
    • 3. Lady Meridian
    • 4. Afternoon Serenity
    • 5. Night's Gift
    • Epilogue: Nathaniel
  • Australian Scenes
    • Shale
    • On Being a Tasmanian Australian

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The Other Side of the World and Back