Suite101 e-Book
The Western Tao

Suite101 e-Book The Western Tao

For years, I have sought to understand life and find a way that I personally could embrace. Like many of my generation, I was raised in and rejected organized religion. I actively explored alternate philosophies and religions. The Chinese philosophy of Taoism comes the closest to striking a chord in my heart and soul. However, much of it was beyond my intellectual and cultural grasp. Being of the West, I found it hard to assimilate Eastern thought and practice. But I did not wish to discard the basic tenants of Tao as I felt they held a core of Truth. Thus I sought a way to interpret, infuse and amalgamate Eastern Taoism into a Western Way or Tao. What follows is a result of this endeavor.

Table of Contents

  • Part One: An Introduction
    • A. Taoism
    • B. Western Taoism
    • C. The Taoist Canon
  • Part Two - Basic Beliefs
    • A. Tao as the Ultimate Reality
    • B. Not-Being
    • C. Harmony and Balance Yin and Yang
    • D. The Relative Unimportance of All Things
    • E. People and the Way of Nature
    • F. The Three Treasures
    • G. The Golden Flower (T'ai Chin Hua Tsung Chih)
  • Part Three - Western Tao Ways
    • A. The Jiao-Ritual And Celebrations
    • B. Diet
    • C. Martial Arts -Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Qua, Hung Jong Kuen
    • D. Chi Kung -Meditation
    • E. The Arts
    • F. Feng Shui
    • G. Some Last Words
  • Part Four - The Way Of The Western Seeker
    • A. Introduction
    • B. Tao
    • C. Yin/Yang
    • D. Action/Non-Action
    • E. Silence and Meditation
    • F. Centering
    • G. Martial Arts
    • H. The Seeker's Way
    • I. Sagehood
    • J. Some Suggested Reading

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Suite101 e-Book
The Western Tao