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Women's Sexuality


What was once a taboo subject, is now widely talked and written about. The greatest thing a woman can do for herself is to enjoy her body and feel comfortable with it, no matter what shape it's in.

Former Contributing Editor Alyssa Skye, has tastefully written about several aspects of women's sexuality in her retired topic, Women's Sexuality. Whether it is shaking off the old idea that women don't talk about this or enjoying the gentle touch of a lover, women will find her articles thought provoking and informative.

From this Best of Suite anthology, we hope you will learn how to improve your sexual health and gain a better understanding of your womanliness.

About the Editor:

Alyssa Skye, is a freelance writer/researcher with a BA in sociology, and works from home. Her interests include: running, reading absolutely anything, flying with her family, hiking, skiing, and being in nature as often as possible with her kids.

Table of Contents

  • The Other Side of Sexuality
  • Society's Sexual Confusion
  • Myth or Reality?
  • Sexual Fantasy: Recommended Reading
  • Enhancing Your Sexuality
  • Celebrating Your Sexuality
  • Using Common Scents in Sexuality
  • Color Me Sexual
  • Going Solo: More on Masturbation
  • Toys: Not Just For Kids Anymore
  • The Scoop On Aphrodisiacs
  • Strengthening Your PC
  • On Tantric Sexuality
  • Karezza: Sexual Equality in Tantra

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Suite101 e-Book
Women's Sexuality