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Writing Bestsellers

Suite101 e-Book Writing Bestsellers

My late agent Joanne Kellock once told me: "There are two types of novels selling today: very well-written commercial genre; brilliantly written literature. That is it."

With the prevalence of the home computer there have never been more people writing. With the trend toward large publishers merging with smaller ones, there have never been fewer venues. Yet new authors are getting published. Someone once asked Stephen King what the secret to writing success was. He said, "You just need to be in the right place at the right time. Since none of us can know when that right time will be, our job is to get to the right place and stay there."

With quotes, tips and advice from writing experts, bestselling authors, and my own personal struggle for authorship, this anthology of articles looks at the techniques, strategies, writing styles and topics bestselling authors use to show what goes into writing a best seller

Table of Contents

  • What is a Best seller?
  • What's in a Name or a Title?
  • Write the End First!
  • Wimps, Wackos and Winners: The Three W's of Writing Bestselling Characters
  • Creating the Blockbuster Setting, Part I: Location
  • Creating the Blockbuster Setting, Part II: Time and Mood
  • When Science Runs Amok
  • Why Thrillers Thrill
  • Love is a Many Splendoured Thing: Romance
  • Archaeology: A Bestselling Phenomenon?
  • Celebrate the Small Things
  • Self-publishing: the Odds of Success

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Suite101 e-Book
Writing Bestsellers